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The Woonsocket YMCA has a comprehensive aquatics program, offering swimming lessons for infants to teens. Classes include:   

Water Babies
The primary objective is to get children from 6 months to 36 months into the water with their parents. The 30-minute classes are designed so infants have fun while learning aquatic skills and safety under the guidance of their parents.

Children have their first experience in the water without parental assistance, learning basic skills that are the building blocks of swimming.

Parent & Pike
The class is for youngsters between the ages of 2 and 5 who are ready to learn basic swimming skills but are not quite ready to leave the comfort of their parents. At least one adult must be with a child in the pool.

For children ages 3 to 5, classes are:

Pike -- Level 1
This class is for non-swimmers to beginners who are not comfortable in the water or who need assistance while moving through the water while wearing instructional flotation devices.

Eels -- Level 2
This class is for beginners who can move independently through the water while wearing instructional flotation devices.

Ray/Starfish -- Level 3
This class is for children who can swim on their stomach, back and side, using rudimentary rhythmic breathing with little or no flotation assistance.



Ages 6 – 16
In the youth program for children between ages 6 and 16, participants are grouped by ability and progress through several levels of instruction. Parents should not worry if their child has to repeat a level and should not hesitate to encourage children to progress at a comfortable rate. Classes include:

Polliwog – Level 1
The class is for non-swimmers and beginners that need to wear flotation devices.


Guppy – Level 2
To enter this class, children must be able to swim 25 yards while wearing a flotation device or 20 feet without one.


Minnow – Level 3
To participate in this class, attendees must be able to swim 25 yards with front alternating and symmetrical paddles, using rudimentary rhythmic breathing.  


Fish – Level 4:
Children must be able to swim 25 yards on their stomach with a basic over arm stroke and rotary breathing; basic breaststroke; basic sidestroke with scissor kick; back alternating over arm stroke; and basic backstroke. 
Flying Fish/Shark – Level 5:
Must be able to swim 50 yards with open turns of front crawl with rotary breathing, breaststroke with kick pulling glide, elementary backstroke with glide, back crawl with a roll and bent arm, sidestroke with scissor kick and glide and basic butterfly with fins for 25 yards.


In addition, the Woonsocket YMCA has the Whalers swim team, a fun and competitive experience for children ages 5 to 18. The team philosophy is designed to provide growth experiences for all participants, from novice to expert swimmers. The group setting encourages the development of positive values, with an emphasis on teamwork and respect for hard work and individual effort. The season runs from September to March.


For more information, call (401) 769-0791 or go to the member services desk in the lobby of the Y at 18 Federal St.