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The pristine Quidnick Reservoir on the grounds of the Westwood YMCA is the perfect setting for children to take swim lessons from a certified instructor. Starting in July, lessons are offered in four-week blocks and the costs for each group of lessons are $40 for YMCA members and $90 for nonmembers. 


The YMCA preschool swim program for children between ages 3 and 5 is nationally recognized. It is designed to make a child’s first experience in the water without parental participation stress free and to promote personal safety and growth, stroke development, participation in aquatic sports and familiarity with water rescue.

Preschool aquatic programs are:


Pike: Children are introduced to the basic components of swimming with little water exposure.
Eel: Participants learn basic skills such as swimming horizontally and going under water. Children should be able to float and submerse completely at the beginning of the course.


Ray: Students begin to master strokes and work toward swimming greater distances independently, treading water and diving.


Youth swim lessons for children 6 to 15 utilize the Y-USA Progressive Swim Program. Each skill level is designed to give children the opportunity to develop in the areas of personal safety, stroke development, personal growth, water sports and water rescue. The skill levels are:


Polliwog: The focus is on paddle skills, rhythmic breathing, front and back floats
and getting comfortable in the water.


Guppy: Students build on the confidence and the skills developed in the Polliwog level. Focus is on the front crawl stroke and rotary breathing.


Minnow: Students are moving from a beginning to an intermediate level of swim. Focus is on further development of front and back crawl, increased endurance, emergency procedures and personal safety.


Fish: Students perfect their skills and acquire new ones. Focus is on the breast stroke and dolphin kicks, elementary backstroke and basic first aid.


Flying Fish: Swimmers have a high level of comfort and confidence and focus on the butterfly stroke and breaststroke, open turns, extension assists and underwater search.


Shark: Students learn the relevance of swimming skills, life saving techniques, conditioning and decision making.


General operating procedures for swim programs include:


To schedule a lesson call (401) 397-7779 or see the Westwood YMCA program book.

July 23 - THE FAT CLAM SPRINT TRIATHLON • 8:00am - .25 mile Fresh Water Swim; 12 Mile Road Bike; 3 mile Run - First wave enters the water at 8:00am. All Athletes must be active members of USA Triathlon or Purchase a One-Day License. Check out event link for more information