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Youth Programs

Youth Wellness (Ages 10 to 12 years old)  
Do you want your child to become more active and health conscious? This 6 week class will focus on learning the exercise principles, guidelines and techniques to use in the Fitness Center or Ready to Be Fit Room. Participants will learn the proper use of the cardio and strength equipment. The children will also be taught the importance of nutrition. Upon completion of the program, the youth will be permitted into the designated fitness areas accompanied by an adult at select times throughout the week.


Cardio Kids (Ages 7 to 12 years old)
Cardio Kids is an exercise program that combines cardiovascular activities with light resistance exercises. This program is designed to help children become physically active through various fitness activities. Participants will learn how to incorporate fitness into their everyday lives and have fun while doing it. This unique program is in a fitness environment with an active and energetic instructor. Check the current program book for updated information.


Cooking Club
Get your aprons ready! Do you like mixing, mashing, measuring, and making mouthfuls of yummy snacks? Then come have fun and learn how to cook at the YMCA Kitchen! During this six-week program you will learn healthy recipes and various cooking techniques.  Kids will also learn how to handle utensils properly and become familiar with the kitchen. Did we mention having fun too? Spots are limited! Check current program book for updated information.


Teen Programs

Teen Center
The Pawtucket Family YMCA gives teens a safe place to call their own and a chance to connect with positive role models and adults who care about them. Teen programs include youth development activities, leadership groups, community service projects, exposure to diverse career options, after-school activities, tutoring and mentoring, sports, camping, strength- training, and fun, recreational events.


Young Leaders (Ages 13 to 17 years old)
This program will include 20 members in a 9-week program that focuses on leadership, responsibility and trust through various activities. The Y is committed to insuring that young people build positive relationships with peers and connect with leaders to build character for their promising future. Each participant will have dinner that is included Monday thru Friday at the Family Y.  The program will allow for two activities per night, as well as a monthly event to showcase emerging talent during open mic night. (Some activities include: weight training, basketball, improvisation theater class, flag football, hip hop dance, rock climbing, film making and swimming). Free for Members.


Homework Help
Come down after school and get your homework done with help from our tutor’s everyday in the Teen Center. Do you have a question that you couldn’t get answered in school? Our tutors know it all!


Hip-Hop Dance Class
Hip-hop features self-impressions and represents body movements that go with the beat and rhythm of hip hop music.


Teen Movie Night
Teens can come enjoy a movie in the comfort of the YMCA Teen Center where we showcase the latest movies (Beverages and snacks available).


Teen Dances
Each month we host themed Teen Dances that offer both a fun and safe time! See Mr. Amos for details on dates, times, and other details. 


Teen Field Trips
Teens can partake in our monthly field trips where they are provided with a great time doing fun, recreational activities in the local community. Our adventures away from the YMCA include supervision and positive role models.