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Rookie’s Basketball
(Ages 4 to 7 years old)
This is a 6-week program that focuses on the fundamentals and skill building of the game of basketball. The Rookie’s Basketball league is a great place for younger children to train and play. Every child will get to participate while learning new techniques. We have excellent instructors with backgrounds playing on a college level, professionally and also coaching AAU Basketball. Be part of the team!


Pawtucket YMCA Youth Basketball League
(Ages 8 to 12 years old)
Our mission for the youth basketball program is to create a fun and educational atmosphere. We focus on team building and stress team concepts. Our goal is to train our athletes to be leaders both on and off the court. Whether you are new to the game or have played for years, we have a spot for you on the team! This is a great way to make new friends, exercise and learn a competitive yet fun-filled sport.
TBA - Pick up schedule at Member Services Desk


Youth Futbal League
JUNIORS: (Ages 4 – 6 years old)
REBELS: (Ages 7 – 9 years old)
ALL STARS: (Ages 10 – 12 years old)
This indoor soccer academy is an 8-week, action- packed program. InterAmerica Sports instills the latest techniques and training trends for new as well as experienced players. All participants will receive a team jersey and shorts.
TBA - Pick up schedule at Member Services Desk


Youth Flag Football
ROOKIES (Ages 5 – 7 years old)
JUNIORS  (Ages 8 – 10 years old)
ALL STARS (Ages 11 – 12 years old)
YYFF (YMCA Youth Flag Football) is the premier flag football league for boys and girls. Young players have a fun and exciting opportunity to learn position specifics, game play and engage in non-contact, continuous action.


Mixed Martial Arts
LITTLE DRAGONS (Ages 4 – 9 years old)
BIG DRAGONS (Ages 10 – 16 years old)
Mixed Martial Arts teaches a variety of techniques and skills from a blend of various martial arts traditions. Students learn basic techniques, forms, and self-defense in a structured martial arts program.  Students will also learn about the history of karate to better understand where the art originated from.



Flag Football
(Ages 11 to 17 years old)

Flag Football is a recreational program designed for youngsters new to the sport of football, as well as those not quite ready for tackle football, who want to learn how to play the sport. They can also brush up on the rules, learn new tactics and skills, improve their game and most importantly, have fun!  Our focus is on the education, participation, and sportsmanship portions of this exciting and popular sport.


Teen Volleyball
(Ages 13 to 17 years old)

While this new program teaches children the skills necessary to excel in the sport of volleyball, the focus remains on participation, cooperation, sportsmanship, responsibility, and of course, fun! Strength, endurance and improved coordination result from the weekly activity of the program.


Teen Rockwall
Ages 13 to 17 years old 
The Family Y offers a 23 ft. climbing wall with experienced staff always ready to guide you through our array of trails.  Participants will learn proper safety and climbing techniques to achieve personal goals • Free for Members.


Teen Basketball 
Ages 13 to 17 years old
Our program focuses on learning and increasing participants skills in this ever-evolving sport. Burn calories, increase strength and endurance, increase stamina, sleep better, improve mood, reduce risk of diseases and improve your quality of life all while having fun!



Racquetball is an intense cardio workout that is quick and easy to learn. A faster game than traditional tennis, the game is designed for quick thinking and quick moving, and is great for participants looking to add variety to their workouts. Members may reserve court time up to one week in advance. For more information or to sign up, please visit the Member Services desk.
Free for members.


Wallyball is an exciting game that combines volleyball and racquetball. Played in a racquetball court, Wallyball provides the element of surprise as an ordinary volley can go a whole new direction with spiking the ball off the walls in many directions.  Rentals are available. Please sign up at the Member Services Desk.

1 hour $29 •  2 hours $49